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This page is where you purchase coverage for yourself “Single” or for your family “Family”. The Family page does not include single coverage so you are required to buy single and family.

Once you purchase your coverage, you will be e-mailed your health insurance information including your health card and the policy wording.

BUY NOW SINGLEFIND OUT MORE      Click above if you only require coverage for yourself
Click above if you require coverage for your spouse and or children.

Students can purchase Short Term Coverage using a Canadian Payment Cards directly on our Student VIP website. If you are looking to pay with an international credit card, please select the ‘Cohort GO’ Payment Method and proceed with your purchase through this global payment portal.

Refund Policy: Once you have purchased coverage, you are enrolled until the termination date on your policy. There are no refunds offered under this policy even if you become eligible for alternate coverage such as provincial health care (MSI in Nova Scotia). Please contact MSI regarding your eligibility date so you only purchase coverage for the time needed. For questions or concerns regarding refunds, please e-mail

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