Forget everything you think you know about Insurance Providers

We don’t provide “off the shelf” products. We custom-build programs and coverages for the modern-day student who demands constant and instant access, first-rate security, an intuitive interface and peace of mind.

Everything we do takes into consideration that we are dealing with students’ health, wellness and money. Our resources are heavily invested into research that, along with years of experience leads to constant innovation, unrivaled stability, and the best experience for students and their plan.

“For the past 30 years, our mindset has been that if a service isn’t truly integrated campus wide, it’s only extending surface level value”, says partner Drew Martin. “Everything we build supports and compliments the various service departments on campus, the students’ demographics, and the most effective means of communicating on campus and beyond.”

Our success story stems from the same question that keeps us up at night; “What’s next?”

More than just a Health & Dental Plan

Established in 1985 and breaking into the student market in 1988, we are the longest active health and dental provider in Canada.

As the foundation of everything we do, if the insurance fails, nothing else matters. Lucky for you, we’re huge insurance nerds. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

We believe that a healthy student is a happy student, but we really like making you happy. That’s why we’re doing more than just the bare minimum to make sure you have everything you need and more every hour of the day, every day of the year. That doesn’t sound braggy, does it?

Free mental wellness app to connect students to campus and community resources.
Students are able to get their prescriptions delivered right to campus or to their front door.

24/7 Access to a virtual doctor, through smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
Powered by Aspiria, students can access support for a variety of wellness topics.

The first Medical Cannabis Coverage Program for students.

Providing a list of discount practitioner locations for students to save money.

Giving students the option to opt-in for coverage after they graduate.
Providing Health & Dental coverage for International students to ensure they are covered.

Worldwide travel insurance, virtual doctors, and peace of mind; all in one place.
A unified, seamless point of access to support your travelers.


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As the first provider in the industry, we started with one. Long gone are the days of servicing our amazing clients from afar with the power of a notebook and landline phone. We’ve grown and built a world-class team capable of giving you everything you need to succeed, while we continue to advance and bring you more. It’s important for you to know exactly who you’re dealing with, even if they’re a little shy.

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