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Direct2U Health Hub

This is the Direct2U Health Hub. This is tomorrow’s version of health and wellness… today! We’ve taken great care in partnering with industry-leading providers to give you access to healthcare services and resources designed to save you time and money; two things you can’t get enough of as a student!


How does it work?

We listen to students and put what’s important to you first. We leverage our experience and expertise to curate an offering of providers that cover you from head to toe. Once we’ve figured out what you need help with, we triage you to the experts and hook you up with discounts and access to direct-billing so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

What do you need help with today?

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Free prescription delivery right to campus or to your home, available anywhere across Canada!

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Effective June 1st, Goevisit will be charging $30.00 per visit for D2U Doctors' visits.

24/7 video access to a Canadian doctor through your phone, laptop, or tablet.

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Virtual Physiotherapy appointments and sessions from the comfort of your home.

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Access a library for general stretching, breathing, and overall wellness support.

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Get unlimited access to streaming workouts including Yoga classes, HIIT classes, Bootcamp classes, and much more.

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Looking for help with your mental health and wellness?

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                                About to graduate, or already have? We've got you covered!
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                                        Blue Advantage offers national discounted providers, chains, services and more. 

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     A mobile app used to help you stay healthy through incentives to earn points and win prizes.                                 Learn More

                                          Bonus coverage on glasses, contacts, etc. Delivery anywhere in Canada! 

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Book an appointment with a Canadian Dermatologist and have a virtual consultation from your home, dorm on anywhere in Canada. 



       Direct2U Inclusive Care.

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