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Welcome to Your Benefits.

  • Welcome to Your Benefits
  • Your Benefits Card
  • Know Your Coverage
  • How to Make a Claim
  • Need Support?
  • How to Opt-In/Opt-Out
  • Direct2U Health Hub
  • COVID & Your Benefits

What are your Students' Union Member Benefits?

Powered by the Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union, you now have access to extended health coverage including prescription drugs, practitioner, dental, travel, and accident coverage. You are covered from the first day of your classes until August 31st, 2022.

What do my Benefits look like if I'm not on campus?

Your Benefits work exactly the same, or better, even if you’re remote. No matter where you’re located across Canada, you have full access to Your Health & Dental Benefits. You can visit any registered clinic in the country, submit a claim, and even access Virtual Service through the Direct2U Health Hub. Find out more in the sections below!


Your Benefits Card

First things first, you need your personalized Benefits Card to access your benefits!
Be sure to bring it with you when you visit the dentist office, the chiropractic clinic, the pharmacy, when you travel, or anywhere else you are covered. You can download your Benefits Card to your smartphone (Apple Wallet & Google Pay) for quick and easy access, or print a copy to put in your wallet.



Know Your Coverage

Now that you have your Benefits Card, where can you use it? What are you covered for?
You can read a quick overview of your coverage on the "Your Coverage" page. Learn about all of the extended health services you are covered for and take advantage of your benefits whether you’re on campus, at home, on placement; wherever you are!



How to Make a Claim

Some providers or clinics will have the option to direct-bill to your plan, meaning little to no out-of-pocket expenses! If a clinic can't direct-bill, you must pay for the service, then submit a claim for reimbursement. Find out how to submit a claim from anywhere through the Medavie Blue Cross™ mobile app or web portal!



Do you need support?

Are you confused about Your Health & Dental Benefits or curious about a specific claim? There are a variety of ways for you to get in touch with a Student VIP Expert or Medavie Blue Cross™ directly. We are here for you, whatever you may need!



How to Opt In or Out

If you have proof of alternate equivalent coverage, such as through your parents’ work or another source, you may opt-out of the plan, or you can remain enrolled in order to utilize both plans and the added coverage could pay for itself! You can also add your spouse or partner & dependent children to your plan.


Direct2U Health Hub

Access virtual health resources including Virtual Doctor Consultation, Prescription Delivery, Physical Therapy Resources, and much more. Available 24/7 from anywhere through your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.


COVID-19 and your Benefits

You may have some questions about how COVID-19 has affected your Benefits. Read a curated list of frequently asked questions regarding your Benefits and what your options may be.