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Register today for Direct2U to save yourself time and money!

Benefits of Using Direct2U Prescriptions:

  • 80%-100% drug coverage for WLU Students' Union Health Plan members
  • Free next day delivery to WLU Students' Union U-Desk 
  • Shipping available across Canada
  • Access a pharmacist by telephone
  • Prescription delivery available to students on all plans
  • Monitored medications are not eligible for Direct2U, to check if your drug is available for Direct2U Delivery use our Drug Search Tool

Please note that your student union office may be closed during the summer months, however Direct2U Prescriptions is happy to ship right to your home, anywhere across Canada! 


  • Accessing Direct2U Prescriptions
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Testimonials

How to Access Direct2U Prescriptions

Register for Direct2U one of two ways 

Online: Complete the online Direct2U Registration Form.  Once you've submitted it, have your doctor fax your prescription with your name and phone number on it to 1-877-835-8329.

Fax: Simply write your telephone number on the prescription and have the receptionist at the doctor's office fax it directly to: 1-877-835-8329. The pharmacists will contact you by phone and get the rest of your information.


Renewing Prescriptions

Once you've started using Direct2U, you may need to reach them to renew a prescription, or just to have general questions answered.

You can contact Alliance Pharmacy (our Direct2U provider) by phone or text at 1-877-796-7979.


Need to access your Direct2U Account? Click here to sign in.


Why should I use this service?

Convenience. Direct2U members will find it convenient to have their prescriptions filled without the need to make a trip to the pharmacy. Students on the WLUSU health plan can take advantage of 80-100% coverage on their medications. 

Who can use this service?

Anyone! Direct2U prescription delivery is available to all students, regardless of your insurance coverage or if you live off campus.

Where will my prescription be sent?

Your prescription will be delivered to any location designated by you upon enrolment.  

Will my prescription cost less?

Yes. The dispensing fee and drug costs charged by Alliance Pharmacy are below the average charged by pharmacies used in your plan previously. These lower costs will result in lower co-payments. 

If I have a question about my prescription how can I reach you?

Alliance pharmacists will always initiate confidential dialogue on an initial prescription. They know you're busy, so once you have completed the enrolment you can login to the member area and book an appointment that is convenient for you. They call you; otherwise feel free to text or call them toll free at 1-877-796-7979. 

What about refills?

Alliance Pharmacy will call you when it’s time for a refill. 

What about my existing prescriptions?

Your existing prescriptions can be transferred from another pharmacy. Give Alliance Pharmacy a call or text, they will take care of it. (1-877-796-7979)

Great Service, quick response - 24 hour turn around.  Most importantly, it was FREE!

- Student, Dalhousie University


Alliance Pharmacy has been a positive experience for me.  Their service is simple, easy and direct. They are personable and take the time and care to provide me with what I need.  The prescription delivery system is quick and easy.  I love being able to receive care and not have to worry about a thing!  While writing a thesis, every little bit of peace of mind helps!

- Graduate Student, Saint Mary's University