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Key Highlights

  • Coverage is mandatory for all international students attending King's University College.
  • This plan provides coverage for doctor visits, hospitalization, x-rays, lab tests, repatriation and more.
  • If you have a pre-existing medical condition, coverage may be limited.
  • If you need to see a doctor or nurse, please click here for health care options.
  • If you want to confirm eligibility of a service, you can complete a pre-determination form and submit to Medavie Blue Cross. The pre-determination form is found here.
  • Please download the My Peak mobile app for all of your health plan resources. Click here for more information.
  • Click here to learn about your health plan benefits and services for the 2020/2021 policy year. This includes information for international students in their home country. 

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International students who are studying remotely in their home country in the fall term are eligible to opt out of the DSU International Health Plan. 

When a student opts out of the plan, they are enrolled in the Remote Study Health Program. This program provides various support services to international students in their home country such as 24/7 couselling, medical assistance and referrals, interpreter services and more. 

Learn more about the Remote Study Health Program here

International Students in Canada need Health Insurance 

All international students studying at King's University are required to have health insurance.  You are automatically enrolled in the DSU International Health Plan.  If you remain in Canada for 12 months, you may be eligible for MSI, the Nova Scotia Provincial Health Care program.

Health care is expensive!  A hospital room can cost as much as $4,000 per day - not including the cost of medical care, prescription medications, tests, x-rays, etc.!

Your Coverage

Emergency Medical Coverage Including but not limited to:

  • Doctors’ Visits
  • Diagnostic Tests (blood work, x-rays)
  • Emergency hospitalization (please call before going!)
  • Emergency transportation – ambulance
  • Travel Coverage – even in your home country (please review before you travel!)
  • Psychology and Psychiatry Services (no coverage for ADHD or Psychoeducational Assessments)
  • Maternity Expenses* (please consult the policy for more details)

….and much more!

Certain limitations and exclusions may apply. Please review your policy found below or contact Medavie Blue Cross for questions about your coverage.

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  Group Policy 92654

The Companion Plan is a mandatory plan that International Students are required to purchase if they opt-out of the International Student Health Plan with Nova Scotia MSI Coverage. The cost of the Companion Plan is a one-time fee of $41.00 added to your student account.

Why do I need this Coverage?

Even though you have MSI, it is only valid in Nova Scotia. This means, if you leave the province of Nova Scotia for any period of time, you would be not have coverage for medical emergencies and therefore be exposed to high costs if you were to get sick or injured while outside of Nova Scotia.

Additionally, when your provincial coverage is not in place (such as if you leave the province) the emergency travel coverage you may have through your KSU Health & Dental Plan or through any other extended health plan will not be in effect as these plans require that provincial health care (or an equivalent plan) are in place.

What is covered?

Students are covered for 31 days outside of the province of Nova Scotia and outside of Canada (including their home country) for medical emergencies.

Click here to view your policy.

Click here to view your Rack Card.


Plan Rate 


*Only students who have opted out with MSI coverage are charged for the Companion Plan, it is a one time fee, no matter when you opt-out.




Months on Plan Single Rate Family Rate*
September - August $728.00 $1,104.00
January - August $486.00 $736.00
May - August $243.00 $368.00

*Family Fees are in addition to the cost of Single coverage. These fees are only applicable if your family has been enrolled at the same time as you. If your family has arrived after the beginning of your studies, please contact the DSU health Plan Office for family rates. 

If you are dual citizen, and hold a Canadian passport, you may not be automatically enrolled under the DSU International health Plan if you have applied to King's as a Canadian Citizen.

In addition, you may not be eligible for Nova Scotia provincial health care (MSI) until you fulfill specific requirements.

To confirm your health insurance status, or to purchase the DSU Short Term International Health Plan, please contact the DSU Health Plan Office as soon as possible to avoid incurring large medical expenses.

In order to qualify for Nova Scotia Provincial Health Care (MSI), please see the following requirements below. Please note; these requirements are subject to change without notice. Please contact MSI directly to confirm your eligibility at 1-800-563-8880 (in Nova Scotia) / 902-496-7008 or You can also find more information online at

International Student with Canadian Passport (Dual Citizen) 

Eligible for MSI on the 1st day you arrive in Nova Scotia provided you have a valid Canadian Passport or Canadian Birth Certificate.


International Student Coming from another Canadian Province (Dual Citizen) 

If you are an international dual citizen, but are coming to Nova Scotia from another Canadian Province, and not coming from abroad, you may be eligible for MSI on the 1st day of the third month that you are in Nova Scotia provided you have a valid Canadian Passport or Canadian Birth Certificate.


International Student Without Canadian Passport (Not A Dual Citizen) 

Eligible or MSI on the 1st day of the 13th month that you have been in Nova Scotia & have not been outside of the province for more than consecutive 30 days.



For questions regarding what is covered under your plan please contact Medavie Blue Cross directly.

Medavie Blue Cross Coverage Telephone Number: 1-833-867-3468 

Medavie Blue Cross Coverage Email:

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